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Replacing a damaged car part with fake and substandard parts can cost you. we are always ready to help you purchase orignal or OEM parts from major accredited dealers across the USA, UK and UAE.




Odering a car abroad has never been this easy. all you need to do is to tell us what car you want and we will get it for you. 



Next Line Cars Ltd. is subsidiary of Next Line Global Investments Ltd., both Private Limited Liability Companies registered in Ghana. Next Line cars Ltd. currently operates in Ghana and in the USA as Next Line Cars LLC, registered in Florida. Next Line Cars Ltd started operations in 2013 as aSole Proprietorship under the business name Next Line Investments. Next Line Cars Ltd. is an innovative, Online Car Ordering Company that offers the safest and quickest solutions for online car ordering and importation of New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles from USA, UAE and parts of Europe.

We buy  Auction cars from Major Auction Companies, Insurance Companies as well as Brand new and Certified Pre-Owned cars from accredited dealers abroad.

We also buy and dismantle Salvage Cars for spare parts.


Here at Next Line Cars, we take away your hustle of Buying or Ordering of Cars and Spare Parts from the USA and Europe.

Our expertise in buying High Quality Vehicles at affordable prices and our Six (6) weeks delivery period makes us highly competitive. 



People walk into our office day in and day out and one of the first questions that they ask is how we are able to deliver cars to our clients at such rock bottom prices. The answer is simple and the secret is, our staff at Next Line Cars  are experts at searching and biding for auction cars online. 


Buying a vehicle at an auction online can be very rewarding but tricky. Not everyone is familiar with the process and aware of how frustrating it can be. Since we have done it over and over, and have unmatched success rate and experience, let us help you buy, ship and drive your dream car at an unbelievable price.