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If you are currently viewing this page there is a 100% likelihood you may want to order a car for yourself or for a loved one. Next Line Cars Ltd. is here to help you.  

Please contact us by phone or email and let us know the type (make, model, year, specification) of car you wish to order and our staff at   will be at work on your request and revert within some minutes.


Once the search is completed, pictures and detailed description of the car will be sent to you. You shall be notified of any defects the car might have. 


We will discuss part payment terms once you are 100% satisfied with the offer.


We will then Order,  Ship your Car and deliver within 6 weeks. Upon arrival duty and other Port Charges has to be paid by client so we can clear from the port.


Our Agent will clear the car from the port and we will deliver at no extra charges.

Let us know what you want,
Take a few seconds to send us a quick email by filling the forms below, and one of staff will contact you in no time.  You can also call: +233(0)243227508

Tell us what you want

Success! Sent, the order processing team has received your message.

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